So Many Books!

I went to the book shop today to buy books…. Hold onto your hats, this gets better!

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Vulfpeck: your favorite band that you haven’t heard yet!

I have been waiting for the moment for Vulfpeck to play in Ireland since I first their debut EP, Mit Peck in 2011. I was so excited before leaving the house. Claire was making fun of me. I was like a child. I was not disappointed. It was the happiest hour and half of music I have experienced since I saw Prince play.  Here’s how it went down… Continue reading Vulfpeck: your favorite band that you haven’t heard yet!

Take me down to the Self-Doubt City

So I’m on a daily blog kick for the month of September. But I missed a day! Yesterday… so apologies to all of my followers (both of you…) who were eagerly awaiting a new post from me. I apologies 🙂 Daily blogging is hard. My hat goes off to people who do this often. I will keep it up for September but after that it might become a bit less frequent.


Yesterday was a good day actually. I did something I was afraid to do. Something I had been mulling over for a months. When I finally bit the bullet, I realised that there was nothing to fear. Continue reading Take me down to the Self-Doubt City

Vegetarians Are Weird

A thought occurred to me last week… I have never thought about why I eat meat. I just do. I always have. I never questioned it.


I was suprized when I realised this. It’s the type of thing I would think about. I’m always tinkering with my diet, seeing which foods work for me and which don’t. But I’ve never answered the question, “what would happen if I didn’t eat meat?”

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This is day 11 of daily blogging. It’s 11:54 and I’m 6 minutes away from breaking the run streak. The reason is I have a hangover. I want to keep up the momentum of daily blogging so here’s my post. A kind of diary entry I suppose.

Great craic last night down in Leighlin. Finished up at 5am. Got up at 3pm this afternoon. Then the usual hangover behaviour – sit around, eat crap and try to drink lots of water. 

Better stuff to come tomorrow…