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One of the great things about studying music is that you learn the value of deliberate practice. You won’t become a great musician in a day. But you will get a little bit better in day. String a few days together and you’ve made progress.


Breakthroughs don’t just happen. They are the effect of hard work over a long period of time.


A lot of people look for the magic formula. A short cut. A hack. I wish it existed.


The breakthrough itself is not important. It’s what gets us there that counts. And what we do afterwards. It’s about the journey.








I can pinpoint a few breakthrough professional moments. They were all preceeding and followed by intense periods of work.



One thought on “Breakthroughs

  1. I think, musically, the most helpful quote I’ve heard was: “Practice makes Permanent”.

    I found myself rushing through ‘practice’ and I end up learning things incorrectly and committing them to memory incorrectly! Best advice I got was do it slowly and correctly. Speed increase will happen over time. I’ve definitely found it’s helped me.

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