Jamie T

I’m at Jamie T tonight. Currently sitting the bar having a rest. I think it says more about me than Mr T. 

My friend Jim is mad into Jamie T. Well his first two albums at least. He describes the music as the soundtrack to his twenties. There’s a lot of attachement there. This music represents an important time in his life.

Jamie T had a five year gap between his second and third album. And for Jim, this gap was between the ages of 23 and 28. A lot can happen in those five years. And it’s only natural to hold on things that represented the “glory days”: music, clothes, relationships.

Needless to say, when Jamie T announced a concert in Ireland, Jim was all over it! But then he listened to Jamie T’s latest albums and his enthusiasm waned considerably.

It turns out that Jamie T had changed too. But Jim longed to hear the old stuff. He needed to be reminded of his “glory days”.

I wanted to write about attachment. Attachement of any kind. Music. Emotions. Relationships. Success. whatever.

Jim was attached to his twenties, which are coming to an end. Jamie T of old represented that for him. This new stuff is strange and probably reflective of how we’re all getting older. It’s natural that we cling to the old and familiar and dismiss the new and mysterious. But could there be a better way?

So two hours ago we walked into The Olympia. My expectations were neutral. Jim’s were low. And now we’re here. Jamie T is rocking the house. And Jim is loving it!

“I knew Jamie wouldn’t let me down”, he said.

We’ve all grown up. And it’s OK.


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