I have always considered myself quite self aware. But it’s only in the last year that I’ve really made it a priority. I’ve done this through reading, meditating and journaling. And on reflection, I probably haven’t been that self-aware my whole life. I’m discovering things about myself now – strengths and weaknesses – that I’ve never thought about. And this is with deliberate effort.


Last week, I was interviewing students during the week for a role in my company. I was struck by the lack of self-awareness that all of the candidates displayed. And from my high horse, I was thinking, ‘surely I wasn’t like that when I was that age’. How arrogant! I probably was exactly like that. I was probably worse.


I have certainly gained confidence in my early twenties. And I learned a lot about the world and how to adapt. I learned how to cook. I learned how to study. I learned how to sell. I leaned how to pick up girls. I learned how to budget. I learned how to be in a relationship with a girl. I learned how to live with other people. I learned about new styles of music. I learned about other personalities and which ones I click with or not. I learned how to communicate.


But it’s only in the last year, that I’ve put real effort into learning about myself. And wow, I am only scratching the surface. What’s funny is that I think that by spending the time learning about myself, I’ve learned a lot about the outside world and other people. When you delve into yourself you learn how to relate to the world in a way that suits your unique disposition.


I’m excited by the start of this journey. It’s scary too because you recognize things in your life that are inconsistent with who you are. One example in my case is the Irish lad culture. That’s just not me. I like a drink and all but I don’t care about football or golf. I don’t care about gambling and being in the pub. I don’t really care about a “big one” at the weekend. But I still do it. I haven’t got to the point where I’m comfortable enough with myself to say no to all that.


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