So Many Books!

I went to the book shop today to buy books…. Hold onto your hats, this gets better!

This is going to sound funny… I was in the line to pay when I noticed (wait for it…) all the books. Like really noticed them. I was looking at titles and covers, thinking, “oh I’d like to read that…. and that…. and that,” etc.


I was looking around the shop at these seemingly innocuous little things. Things with the power to impart knowledge, entertain and change lives. And such good value! You pay €15 and a book can change your life!


But there’s just so many of them! I resisted the temptation to buy more that just the two I intended  on. Then I felt a sad, knowing that all these books would never be read by me. But not to worry! There are more books out there than I’d ever have time to read. And I’m happy at the pace I’m reading at. Not trying to do too much – just deliberately making time for 15 mins per day. I love it. I also love taking notes and publishing them here as blog posts.


I’m taking my time because there’s no rush. If I read a book a month for the next 20 years, that’s still 240 books – that’s a lot of books! But it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of thousands of books out there.


So I need to have more patience. I will read lots of books in my life. But I’ll never read all the books. And that’s OK.


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