The Ploughing 

I went to the National Ploughing Championships on Wednesday. It sounds  like a strange sub-culture competition at first. Buts it’s far from a sub-culture. This is mainstream! 

300,000 thousand people visited the event in Offaly this year. And the ploughing was just a small part of it. Really, it’s an exhibition of all things country. There’s sheep shearing contests, sheep dog competition, tractor football… and of course, the ploughing match. 

It’s also a massive trade show. Every brand of manufacturer for farm machinery is there. And clothes – all the gear you could want: hats, scarves, gloves, wellies boots.

I went down with my dad. He’s always had an interest in farming. My grandad was a part-tims farmer and my Dad had always helped out. Recently, my dad bought a bit of land. He’s hoping to set up a small farm to work on in his retirement. So I thought it would be a nice thing to do for his birthday – bring him down to The Ploughing and treat him to a ticket. It was also a nice way to spend to time with my Dad.


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