The Power of Awareness – Neville Goddard

Visualise what you want and it will come true. 

IBSN: 0875166555

Read: 14-09-16

Rating: 5/10

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The basic instruction in the book is to visualise what you want and it will come true. You are encouraged to visualise it intensely and in great detail. Really feel it in your minds-eye like you already have it. An example might be if you were applying for a new job – visualise your commute, what would you desk look like, imagine the feeling of being fulfilled in your work. 

So that’s the summary – visualise. 

He suggests doing it at night time before you go to sleep while you’re lying in bed. That way the subconscious can take over while you’re asleep and help deepen the practice.

I like the idea of visualisation. If you are dropping intense thoughts and feeling into your mind, you do seem to guide yourself towards what you want. But there is some practicality too – in the job interview example, visualisation won’t get you the job if you are unqualified. And it won’t change the mind of the interviewer. But it will change you… With these intense thoughts in your subconscious, you might prepare better and more thoroughly, you might seek out by help by talking to people who work in the company or industry. So really, visualisation puts your in a receptive state. Because the content of the visualisation is at the forefront of your mind, you’re more open to receive the opportunities that the world offers. You’ll notice them more easily and you’ll work harder to make them a reality.

Overall, good message in the book but I thought it was poorly executed.


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