Vulfpeck: your favorite band that you haven’t heard yet!

I have been waiting for the moment for Vulfpeck to play in Ireland since I first their debut EP, Mit Peck in 2011. I was so excited before leaving the house. Claire was making fun of me. I was like a child. I was not disappointed. It was the happiest hour and half of music I have experienced since I saw Prince play.  Here’s how it went down…


Vulfpeck opened with Outro. Jack Stratten teased us with the opening riff on piano a couple of times before the band joined in. And straight from the get-go, they were on top form. Joey Dosik on the saxaphone killing it! Antwaun Stanley joined on stage for a few songs – he is a beast! They are all incredible musicians. Theo Katzman burned on guitar, played drums and sang. Jack Stratten played keys, drums and guitar. Joe Dart is one of the funkiest bass players I have ever heard. And Woody Goss gave me a woody!


Vulfpeck rocked the house. It was the first time they played in Europe. What a way to start! From the opening note, you could see that even the band were suprised by by the reaction of the crowd. Everyone was loving it! I was near the back of the venue and even the people behind me were going nuts! I’ll never forget the look on Theo Katzman’s face when they started playing Fugue State and the audience were singing along – he was shocked!


Highlights of the night for me were Funky Duck, 1612, Back Pocket, Christmas In LA and Beastly.


I’m such a fanboy. But I don’t care – it just felt so good! Everyone was so happy – musicians and audience alike.


Here’s what happened on Twitter afterwards:



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