Take me down to the Self-Doubt City

So I’m on a daily blog kick for the month of September. But I missed a day! Yesterday… so apologies to all of my followers (both of you…) who were eagerly awaiting a new post from me. I apologies 🙂 Daily blogging is hard. My hat goes off to people who do this often. I will keep it up for September but after that it might become a bit less frequent.


Yesterday was a good day actually. I did something I was afraid to do. Something I had been mulling over for a months. When I finally bit the bullet, I realised that there was nothing to fear.


I do some public speaking as part of my job. There’s a series of talks I’m involved with in Belfast and I have gotten to know the event manager, Kevin quite well. Kevin runs an event management and business consultancy. I was talking to him back in March and he was telling me about how he was thinking about starting a podcast. I love podcasts and he’s relatively new to them – I was giving him loads of recommendations. I really light up when I start talking about podcasts.


Because I’m into podcasts so much, I’ve always wondered if I could do it myself. Another aspect of job is sales which involves asking questions and listening. I always thought I’d do a good at interviewing.


Anyway, my chat with Kevin in March got me thinking, “maybe I could help him?”. I’d be so into it! I could do the research, learn about editing and publishing. Kevin would be the interviewer so he would develop that skill set. And with another person involved, it would free up his time to get on with running his core business. But I didn’t get in touch with him…



“I’ll do that later…”


“I’ll do that tomorrow…”


“What do I know?…”


“He doesn’t need me…”


“I’m not good enough…”



Blah blah blah. Self-Doubt City…. population: me!



But I finally got in contact last week. I felt nervous sending the email. Really nervous! But to my surprise, he was up for it. We agreed to meet yesterday. I was still nervous when I got there, the self-doubt nagging at me again…



But it went great. I was delighted. I really felt like I was adding value and contributing.


The big thing I have learned from this is to trust my intuition.  I have had so many similar thoughts in my head about cool things to do. But I’ve never acted on them. This is the one time that I did and it went fantastically. I felt the fear and did it anyway! Next time one of these thoughts strike me, I’m just going to go for it.


This is only the start now. I’m really going to put my all into the podcast. I’m looking forward to helping, learning and growing.


Do you have any tips on podcasting? Let me know in the comments.


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