Vegetarians Are Weird

A thought occurred to me last week… I have never thought about why I eat meat. I just do. I always have. I never questioned it.


I was suprized when I realised this. It’s the type of thing I would think about. I’m always tinkering with my diet, seeing which foods work for me and which don’t. But I’ve never answered the question, “what would happen if I didn’t eat meat?”

So I tried a couple of meat-free days last week. Here are my initial observations:


  • You can still have tasty meat-free meals. That should be obvious. But as I lover of meat for the last 29 years, the thought never struck my mind. I’d argue that it’s tastier than traditional cooking – because you have be inventive. You use ingredients that are a little more unusual. It’s cook. I love trying new food.
  • Meal prep is trickier. I usually cook up a big batch at the start of the week for my lunch and dinners. It’s so easy to just grill some meat, boil up veg and rice, put it in a lunch box and off you go. I tried my first vegetarian meal prep tonight and it is considerably more involved. Today I cooked, beetroot, feta and walnut burgers. Very nice but it’s a bit of hassle to prepare.
  • Perhaps the most suprising thing about not eating meat is how other people react. Other people notice and they comment. I was out for lunch with the lads in work on Friday. We went to a pizza place. When it came time to order, I asked for the vegetarian and the lads were looking at me like I had ten heads. They clearly had never thought about their consumption of meat either.

I’m trying to retrace my though-process to find out how I realised that I had never question this before. I think it could be a result of mindfulness. With mindfulness, you gradually become aware of all sorts of things about yourself. These things are always there. But mindfulness helps you detach from them. It helps you can see the wood from the trees.


I’m interested to see how my body will react to more of a plant-based diet. That will take a few  months to play out.


I’m more interested in seeing how other people react. It’s so funny when you take a step outside what the majority consider “normal”. I heard someone say that if most people around think that you’re crazy, you’re probably doing something right. Hopefully that’s true!


5 thoughts on “Vegetarians Are Weird

  1. I felt the same way up until a few months ago. Eating meat just seemed like a given. I don’t think I’ll ever go completely vegetarian but I’ve noticed that the more conscious I am of what I put into my body, the better I feel. It’s almost hard to eat crappy food when present to the moment. Have you noticed anything similar?

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    1. Yeah, totally. Consciousness, presence, awareness, mindfulness. Whatever you want to call it will just open up these little areas in your life you never noticed or considered.

      And the best thing about eating consciously like this is, when I do decide to have a steak, it will taste every better!

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  2. Really interesting article. I have just started to eat meat this last week having been a vegetarian for the last 26 years!!! Because I was anaemic and diagnosed coeliac last year. Was told I would have to take a permanent iron tonic so I deceived to go back on meat instead. It’s tricky, difficult to get a good balance of iron and vitimans. Good luck with it.

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      1. Sorry about the auto correct, it put some funny words in! The main difference I have found in this last week was that I ended up eating less as I filled up faster with the meat. Be interesting to see if you find the vegetarian dinners satisfying enough.

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