Creativity Is Hard

I want to write fiction but I’m scared. Can you help me?

I set myself the challenge of writing a daily blog for the month of September. Everyday, I usually start off with a general idea. Then I try to weave some sort of coherent structure to it – introduce the point, give an example, provide a conclusion. That’s basically my format. I suppose you could call it non-fiction. 

Fiction, however, scares me. I that I don’t have anything to write about! What if people will think it’s bad?! Making a story up out of thin air is too difficult! 

As I have reflected on my fear I have gained a new appreciation for writing, story-telling and all creative endeavours. Even bad writing requires an act of creation. All of sudden I am in awe of poor movies, amazed by generic pop songs. I’m seeing the world differently. Someone had to dream up the lid on my coffee cup! That’s creativity. 

I want to try my hand at writing fiction but I don’t know how. Can you give me any tips or share some resources that might help? Let me know in the comments.


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