My Favourite Podcasts (at the moment)

I have been an avid listener of podcasts for about eight years now. I love them! But with so many out there. Which are the best? Here are my favourites…

It might sound strange but podcasts are my friends. When I’m going somewhere on my own, I will be listening to podcasts.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”Jim Rohn

I use Rohn’s saying to help me decide what subscriptions to make. My rule is that I’ll only subscribe to five at any one time – this avoids information overload. And I select them based on my current interests – fitness, music, business, Irish culture, documentaries, mindfulness.


Here’s what I’m subscribed to now and why:


1. The Tim Ferriss Show

For me, The Tim Ferriss Show is the king of interview podcasts. Every week Tim interviews some who is world class in their field. And it could be from any field – entertainment, military, business. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve heard of the guest or not, I always learn something and I am always entertained. Check it out. Thank me later.


2. The Jocko Podcast

I first heard of Jocko after Tim Ferriss interviewed him. Jocko is a badass. He’s a former Navy Seal, did two tours of Iraq and commanded the most decorated special forces unit in the War in Iraq. Jocko overs everything – military history, strength & conditioning, jui jitzu, leadership. He’s a mine of information, an incredible communicator, and really entertaining.


3. Tara Brach

I have become interested in mindfulness over the last few months. Tara’s talks and guided meditations are lovely compliment to any mindfulness practice. There’s a lot wisdom in here. I love listening to these podcasts on my walks to and from work. They set you up for the day and help stay present in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Again, I first heard of Tara after she was interviewed by Tim Ferriss.


4. Documentary on One

I love radio documentaries. I chose this podcast because it’s published by the Irish national broadcaster, RTÉ. I wanted to hear Irish stories by Irish producers. There’s a great variety of content here. Every week, there’s a different topic. The variety is brilliant – from Michael Jackson’s Irish driver to fish farming off the coast of Donegal. And everything in between…


5. Song Exploder

I love music and this is a nice short weekly podcast. Every week, Song Exploder dissects one song. They interview the song writer and he/she will tell the story behind the song – how they came up with the idea, how they recorded it etc. This is a good podcast if you’re interested in being exposed to different genres of music and finding a few gems.



So they’re my current subscriptions. Do you have any podcast recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments.




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