Nana was always a ‘doer’.

Every year at the Lusk Horticultural Show, she would win prizes for sewing, knitting, making jam, brown bread, cakes and apple tarts.

As children, all of the grandchildren followed Nana’s lead – we’d enter the kids painting and essay-writing competitions. On the morning of the Horticultural show, we’d run around to have a look at Nana’s entries. On the evening of the show, we watch her count her rosettes.

When you walk into my Nana’s sitting room now, it’s filled with the artifacts of her former hobbies. The landscapes she painted hang on her wall, the cushions she made decorate her couch. Very occasionally she will make some of her famous soda bread which is a lovely reminder of what she is capable of.

Right now, I am a doer. I love trying new things. Even if I get it wrong or am bad at it, I’ll do it anyway. At least then, I’ll know.

I like to think that I’ll remain active my whole life. But to be honest, I’m afraid of what old age will bring… Maybe my grandchildren will look around my house in years to come and see the drums I used to play, the weights I used to lift and the books I used to read.

When you talk to Nana now, she’s not concerned with the past. And she doesn’t care about the future. In a way, it’s a great way to live – she’s living each moment rather than worrying about what’s done or what might happen.

She’s still leading by example.

When we were kids, she inspired me to do. And now she inspires me to pause, stay active and always enjoy the moment.


One thought on “Nana

  1. “When we were kids, she inspired me to do. And now she inspires me to pause, stay active and always enjoy the moment.”
    such a wonderful post. reminds me of my grandpa who passed away 4 years ago. hi to your nana 🙂

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