Photo Challenge: Mirror

via Photo Challenge: Mirror

This is my first time taking part in a photo challenge on WordPress. It was fun and interesting. It was also my first time taking out my camera and deliberately taking photos of particular things.

I didn’t want  it to be obvious – like me a photo of me in a mirror with the camera in my hand.

And I didn’t want it to be a landscape with trees reflecting in a river – because I didn’t think I could do that justice (check out this amazing example).

So I just walked around my parents house yesterday looking for reflections. I took a lot of photos. Some good, some bad. The two I like the best are below.

I took the featured image tonight, about an hour ago. I was out for a walk with Claire. The weather was amazing so I decided to take my camera. We were out for an hour and a half and I hadn’t taken a single photo. Then on the home stretch, about 500 metres from our apartment, I spotted a guy sitting on the bank of the Grand Canal (you can see him in the distance in the middle of the photo). And then I looked around and realised that everything around him was being reflected in the water. Bingo.

So I took the photo, slapped a few filters on it (thanks Google Photo!) and here we are.

Good challenge. I’m looking forward to next week’s already!


PS – let me know what you think of the photos. All feedback welcome!



P1020231 (1)


3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Mirror

  1. 3rd photo is class!

    Also love the 2nd one. I somehow thing cropping it just to get the fence would be really interesting. So the viewer doesn’t know it’s a reflected image. Very cool though. What did you take them on?

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