Melody v medley 


Melody v medley… This is a little mistake that people around me make often. I’m going to explain what the two words mean.

A melody is part of the song that you sing / hum / remember. In your mind (or out loud), sing Mary Had a Little Lamb… That’s a melody. The notes and the rhythm together are the melody.

A medley is a when a few different songs are played one after the other without a break. For example in an Abba medley, you might play the first verse and chorus of Waterloo, straight into chorus of Dancing Queen, and then into the last verse, chorus and outro of Thank You For The Music.

So a melody is a musical line. A medley is musical arrangement.

You can also have a medley of deserts – a few small deserts on the same plate. But please don’t call it a “melody of deserts”. That doesn’t make sense.

Rant over.



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