Minimalist game…

Throughout August, my buddies David, Stephen and I played the minimalist game. In summary, you get rid of one item on the 1st of the month, two items on the 2nd, three items on the 3rd and so on.

The idea is not that you mindlessly get rid of things and clear away space so you can fill it again with more clutter. The idea is that you are mindful about what you keep. Really choosing your possessions.

I loved it. Everything I have kept, I made a decision about.

Steve, Dave and I had fun doing it. We set up a whatsapp group, sent each pictures every day and kept each other accountable. The lads got on great too. It was funny looking at the differences between the three of us. Stephen threw out a load trinkets. Dave threw out a load of clothes. I threw out a load of books.

Has it changed me? It hasn’t changed who I am but it has changed my behaviour. For example, I will now think very carefully  before buying something new. With clothes, I’ve decided I’m only going to replace items rather than add new ones.

The lesson? You don’t need that much stuff. Be grateful for what you have. Spend money on experiences rather than possessions.

Here’s some of what I threw out:


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